Introduction From Me.

I am Aileen. I am a student. I am an observer. I am a learner. I am a thinker.

I am making this blog to share my views on things going on in the world around me. To share my thoughts/opinions on things like what I see on the news, things I see at school, things I see within Society. I will warn now that I am open-minded, and will take the pro side on things like the legalization of same sex marriage, women’s rights, and going green. If these things will offend you, this may not be the blog for you (unless you are seeking to see a different view then your own). I also will say: I dislike bullying,┬áharassment, and/or anything else that may alienate someone or make them feel inferior.That being said I will have open comments on everything I post, and I do not mind the discussion of different opinions, however trolling will NOT be tolerated. I will try and post every few days.