Gun Control

I’m going straight to the point. Today, 20 children were killed. This is 3 days after a mall shooting. July 20th, a cinema became the site of a massacre, where 12 people died and 58 others were injured. It’s time the United States has some gun control! I’m not saying completely ban them, I know far too many people who like to go hunting who would be sad campers. I am simply stating that we need to check a persons history very thoroughly and what is going on in their life now and their mentality before handing them a gun (if they recently dropped out or have a suddenly started doing poorly in school, or quit their job, here’s an idea, their life and mentality could be crumbling, these are classic red flags that they need help ASAP) . It only makes sense. The issue isn’t just going to disappear, there will only be more premature death if we don’t stop this nonsense. What really baffles me is the fact some people (even my own dad) don’t think gun control needs to be any stricter. What will it take? We cannot allow this to become worse. The United States has enough blood and violence on it’s hands. I beg that we open our eyes and see the facts. Look at our crimes and death rate… My heart goes out to the parents of those 20 babies, and to anyone else who has had a loved one die senselessly. This didn’t have to happen, I’m deeply saddened that it did. My greatest hope is that we can heal, and learn. It’s time to put aside some “Liberty” for Safety. 


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