Society: Bullying, Harassment, Alienation

Sorry, the lunch meat status will have to wait. I have something else that I think should be addressed. A poem I wrote a while back, I will allow to open the topic:

In Class I hear their laughing

In Class I hear them lie

In Class I take the mental beatings

In Class I refuse cry

Online I see the taunting

Online I see the names

Online I see the Flaunting

and on myself, I put the blame


Bullying, Harassment, Alienation… All these things as an individual, I have endured. They are not necessary, they are not just part of growing up, they are serious problems with increasingly serious effects. Why do young children feel the need to be above other children? why do teenagers feel the need to be above others? I think this has to do with the media in some cases. I think we need to, we really really need to address bullying head on. We have rules about bullying but how well are they really being enforced? most people don’t understand that talking about people, alienating them, and constant “Teasing” aka harassing them is considered bullying. We always see the physical, but what about the mental? We should be teaching children/teens about the different types of bullying. People need to see the results.  Something that really scares me, Religion and its connection with Alienation, Bullying, and Harassment. I am not bashing Religion, I am bashing on using religion as “justification” for being horrible towards someone. My religious views I keep hidden from other students because I know, I have seen with my own eyes, how people treat those with different religious beliefs. So many other things people are bullied over, most commonly is how others dress/act. If someone is different, talks funny, talks often, seems happily confident, or dresses comfortably, the flood gates are opened. Overall I think the best thing we can do is educate what bullying is, what causes it, include stricter laws against it, and finally… Learn to accept and enjoy DIVERSITY! Stay odd my friends, High School ends.


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